Speaker & Author, Donna Mathiowetz

Donna is available to speak to your group on a range of topics.  Her programs include speaking to a variety of groups who are coping with life changing losses; either personally or professionally. Loss enters our lives at many levels, be it through death, downsizing, outsourcing, health issues, divorce, independence taken or loss of a dream. Donna's life experiences have left her with wisdom she feels privileged to share with others.


Thank you to Hastings Community TV for this beautiful interview with Donna in April 2018.  


Let's Talk About Resiliency

Please see here for more information regarding presentation options and information on my new work with resiliency.


Donna's Additional Presentation Topics

Here are some examples of the types of talks Donna has presented in the past. She is happy to discuss the makeup of your group, specific goals you may wish to achieve, so that she may tailor her presentation to add as much value as possible.


Even though the grieving process can be quite unpredictable, there are some steps to follow to decrease stress.  Donna identifies those four areas.


Loss and change.  Let's discover how we might best navigate through these times and become friends with the new normal.


Learn to be aware of what is happening to us during times of varied losses and what we can do to help ourselves to not just survive, but to thrive.
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